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will not a new giantess game come from you soon ??

Hi, so I'd really like to make a new giantess game. Life just get's in the way you know? I'm going to make an effort to create a new giantess game next year. So watch my account for news.

This game is dead :(

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What do you mean?

Ok, did you try downloading the game through the PC app? If so, try downloading it directly through the website.


Just bought this game but itch wont let me run it , : This title is packaged in a way that is not supported.

any ideas ? 


Hi, I've not encountered this before. I believe the game is just an install file that you download. Are you playing on windows?

yes :)

Ok, quick question, did you try and download it from the new digital distribution app? That might be what the problem is. When I released this that wasn't a thing. Try downloading it from the page directly, then get back to me.


HI, just saw you replied , ill try that !

So, did you manage download the game?