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Will this some day be released to Steam?

I hope so!


What was updated on  Jan 19, 2020?

I own the original game from a decade ago.

There was some kind of issue with the installer registering as a virus for some inexplicable reason. So I fixed that. I don't think there are any other updates. Maybe a few other small bugs. Did you enjoy the game?

Had troubles making it run earlier but it  works great ! i love this game , thank you !

No worries, I'm glad your enjoying it.

Thanks ! I wanted to let you know that iam doing a lets play this  friday with a friend of mine and we are playing a bunch of games , this one included , we play on Twitch under SickhouseTV  ! 

Alright, I'll try and catch i


Okay, I really like it! I'm not into the giantess stuff ---that way--- but I do think being a giant is super fun in video games and I LOVE the campy sort of B movie vibes from this game and even though I'm not usually into sides-scrollers I really enjoyed playing this! I hope you make more giantess games because you definitely have a talent for it!

I love your videos, I've known about this game for awhile but after watching your lets play of it, it really peeked my interest

...I can't upvote comments on here, thanks a lot Lucy.


OMG this is hilarious and what an awesome idea.   Love it....!!

Thanks. ^_^

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I have a very hard time giving a review but I try I have played a lot of giantess games and this does not play a game that is good but not bad either? i feel like the game is giving up after 20 - 30 min and not want to do anything new i played it and it was ok fun an ok story and ok gameplay but after some time it's just the same and the same in 2 hours and it happens nothing the same music the same voices just disappointed but what do I like about gaming? i like mini games they are fun and like there is little video trying to make a story should you buy the game ?? yes and no since the game was released then the price is fine but today there are so many better games that cost the same but you for 100% more entertainment Mutant Colossus from Outer Space Should Be Free Why? because then you have a chance for it to reach more people and then you can hope a new game will come but just with a little more love

i love and hate this game

has taken video down as there is an error coming up soon

will not a new giantess game come from you soon ??

Hi, so I'd really like to make a new giantess game. Life just get's in the way you know? I'm going to make an effort to create a new giantess game next year. So watch my account for news.

sounds good :) i'm just sorry i cant play this i bought it on another site which is closed down and cant remember what it is called but do you maybe what it was called?

It was probably Disura. That site went under, I think someone bought out the rights but hasn't done anything with it since.

soo you can not help ??  it may sound silly but i have a page on pornhub WeLoveGiantess where i make gameplay video i could make a video on the game so can get it for free a do not like to pay 2 time

If you can send me some evidence of your purchase, like a purchase confirmation e-mail and or a product key or something like that, then I'll give you a key for Otherwise I'm really sorry.

This game is dead :(

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What do you mean?

Ok, did you try downloading the game through the PC app? If so, try downloading it directly through the website.


Just bought this game but itch wont let me run it , : This title is packaged in a way that is not supported.

any ideas ? 


Hi, I've not encountered this before. I believe the game is just an install file that you download. Are you playing on windows?

yes :)

Ok, quick question, did you try and download it from the new digital distribution app? That might be what the problem is. When I released this that wasn't a thing. Try downloading it from the page directly, then get back to me.


HI, just saw you replied , ill try that !

So, did you manage download the game?